Melbourne Wedding Party DJ

Jess McGuire | Party DJ Melbourne

I play all kinds of music at all sorts of venues around Melbourne, regional Victoria, and occasionally interstate too. Hire me!

Need a DJ?

If you’ve arrived at this particular neck of the interwoods, it is highly likely you are on the hunt for a good party DJ. Happily, I make a living working as one! If this isn’t serendipity or at the very least, some good Googling, I don’t know what is.

I DJ private parties, corporate events, pubs and bars, festivals, weddings… pretty much anywhere with a sound system* that is in need of lovingly selected great tunes. If you are interested in having me DJ at your event, you can contact me by emailing and we can discuss it further.

*If they don’t have a sound system, I’ll sort one out for you, don’t even WORRY.