Melbourne Wedding Party DJ

A Special Note About Weddings

Weddings, eh? Probably the only time in your life you’ll have your mates, your family, some elderly family friends, work colleagues, and people-you-don’t-really-know-but-they’re-connected-to-your-soon-to-be-spouse-in-some-way partying the night away together, possibly under the influence of booze. It can be pretty tricky trying to make sure your big day is a decent reflection of who you are and what you like musically whilst also trying to ensure everyone else is able to get into the spirit of things too. And that’s where I come in.

Here’s what I do best, if I do say so myself: after years of DJing at assorted weddings, I’m an old pro at offering up enough of a variety of tunes so that all your guests can find something to enjoy. While guests are imbibing a celebratory drink, having a bite to eat, and chatting away as the reception first begins? That’s the perfect opportunity to play some old soul, alt-country, indie stuff. Think of it as “really cool background music that sets the mood without overpowering things”. But once dinner is over and you want the dance floor to get started (and not stop for a couple of hours), I’ve also got party classics ready to go that ought to keep everyone on their feet until you decide it’s time for the evening to end and married life to begin.

In the last decade I've DJ'd everywhere - backyards, fancy reception venues, the NGV, Abbotsford Convent, Collingwood Children's Farm, theatres, music festivals, locations in regional Victoria, interstate, pubs, clubs, and everywhere in-between - so I'm always happy to give advice on the best set up solution for your particular venue that will be most cost/time effective and effortless for you.

Oh, and #loveislove so if you're a same sex couple getting wed in front of your loved ones, don't hesitate to get in touch.

So! If you’re looking for a not-totally-lame wedding DJ ie. someone who will play you a healthy serve of A-grade tunes, who won’t play fucking Gangnam Style (sorry!), but WILL keep the dance floor going for as long as you need? Get in touch -